Start of the Journey

Writing your first blog post is a little daunting & exciting at the same time, putting yourself out there for the world to read and love or hate. Instead of jumping straight into interior design I wanted to outline the reasons for starting my blog. I believe in using your knowledge and skills to help others, no matter what your area of expertise, to give and not expect anything in return, to inspire, guide and share each other’s journey. My primary goal is to connect with like minded people who have a passion for interior design so we can lift each other to be creative, try new paths, push boundaries, share tips, tricks and thoughts, I strongly encourage positive and helpful comments and would love to hear topics you are interested in reading about, after all, it is for you! Drop us a line in the comments.

I have procrastinated writing my first blog for at least a year, I have taken the leap of faith and done it, though short and sweet …. the start of our journey.

Mel xx

PS. If you have not already subscribed please do and let us know what interests you in the wonderful world of interior design.

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